How to Choose a Grow Tent Package

Grow tent packages are suitable for those who do not want the fuzz of buying each and every kit necessary to run a grow tent gardening. If you are reading this post then it is most likely that your either an intermediate or advanced grower. In either case the below ideas will guide you in purchasing the best type of grow tent package.

Decide on the Size:

A grow tent package come from 2×4 till 10×20. The size is completely dependent on three main factors:

  • amount of space you can allocate for grow tent
  • the budget you have for purchasing the package. You must be aware that larger grow tents packages cost more.
  • and the type of plant you are growing. If you are growing a weed kind of plant then you need an average size grow tent. However, if you are planning to grow sapling of hundreds in numbers then you do need a large grow tent package.

Decide on the Grow tents Quality:

I know there is ton of grow tent quality. Most of them are sourced from China. They may come cheap but not necessarily of high quality.

If you ask my recommendation I will undoubtedly reply Gorilla grow tents. They are simply the best grow tents available in the market. Of course, they are not cheap but the expensiveness of the grow tent ensures that the tent stays rigid and does not drop on your plants ruining your whole project.

Anyways you are free to choose any type of grow tent. just ensure it is of high quality.

Decide Whether you need HPS or LED grow lights:

Let me guide you a little over here.

If you are growing a plant which requires heat or warm temperatures then you need to opt for HPS grow lights. They are meant for plants living in tropical conditions.

However, if you are growing plants that d o not require much heat then LED is perfect.

The situation above can defer if you are living in tropical conditions already. In this case you can buy the LED grow lights. Moreover, the LED lights are cheaper on the bills.

That’s it. The above things are all that you need.

Where Can I Buy Grow Tent Packages From?

You can buy grow tent packages from any reputed seller. Search online and you will find tons of them. However, it is hard to find reviews on them. But we did come over a site which has reviewed 20 grow tent packages. This site https://www.samsgrowtents.comĀ  is run by a hobbyist gardener called Sam Wilson. It seems that Sam has taken a great interest in Grow tents and hence his entire site is dedicate to on it. You will find tons of information on which plants grows best in a grow tent, which is the best grow tent packages, what nutrients to use, the growing medium etc.

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