Dandelion Tea Recipe

Dandelion tea is a delicious drink but lately has taken on a large following with people using it as a dietary aid. In my own experiences I have found just as it’s reported that the dandelion tea prevents hunger cravings. Honestly I’m not sure that it works more than just drinking a tall glass of water which is also a known dietary technique.


 If you have trouble identifying dandelions make sure to wait until the flowers come up. Take a bag or basket with you and begin to harvest the dandelion greens. Young dandelion leafs that are soft and green are the best to make dandelion tea with. Before you prepare to store or cook your dandelion greens make sure to wash them thoroughly with cool water and let them dry off in a colander. If you’re not going to make your dandelion tea immediately store your dandelion greens in a plastic bag that enough holes for air to move through.


Pour one cup of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of dried dandelion leaves. Now I would never steep a tea bag in to boiling water and that’s not what you’ll be doing here so don’t be scared. Also the dandelion greens are meant to be pat dry and not dried out in an oven.


When you want to make a pot of dandelion tea you will want to pour 1 cup per person of boiling water over a teaspoon of dandelion greens for each cup of water you used. When making a pot of dandelion tea you can throw in an extra teaspoon of dandelion greens for the pot. Allow the dandelion greens to steep for 3 minutes then stir and let steep one final minute and serve. There are a couple good options if you would like to flavor your dandelion tea: orange, mint, honey, and lemon. If you’re trying to use the dandelion tea to put off hunger than lemon is probably you best option as lemon water and dandelion tea are both dietary aids.

If dandelions are out of season you can grab some dandelion tea from Amazon by clicking here.

Just like any time you are making tea I always suggest using  a non metallic tea pit,here’s mine which comes with a loose tea infuser which is really nice.

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