How to Build and Install Raised Bed Garden

A raised be garden make any gardening task easier. You can fill your beds with your own soil that is primed to grow plants in. A basic raised bed garden can be built in the matter of a few hours and quick trip to the hardware store. I suggest using redwood or cedar for your sides because they will resist rot and add beauty to your garden.


  1. To Prepare the site get rid of the turf and weeds.
  2. Outline the bed dimensions on the ground with a chalk line or string.
  3. Dig with vertical strokes along the outline, just deep enough to bury about half of your first course of lumber.
  4. Put down a layer of weed-suppressing landscape fabric that extend to the outer edge of the wood frame.
  5. Build each of your walls separately.
  6. Fasten the walls together and put them into place.
  7. Install your cap railing that will run around the outside and tie everything together.
  8. Use galvanized pipe straps to mount 1 inch PVC pipe inside the bed walls. Cut 1/2 inch flexible PVC tubing twice as long as the beds width. Bend it, mount it and clip a cover in place.
  9. A simple framework of hoops and lightweight cover can extend your growing season in cool areas, conserve moisture in dry areas and protect plants from birds or insects.
  10. Install your irrigation system and then backfill with topsoil.

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